Living a healthy and active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your spare time working out to exhaustion. What it truly means to us at Kinetic Fitness is balance. We encourage diversification in your fitness routine, between cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and conditioning, mind-body connection and total body mobility.


Sweat, stretch, flow, balance, and lift heavy weights, whatever it is you’re coming for we have an awesome trainer to help you achieve your goals. Click on any trainer below to learn more about them.


We offer classes during the most convenient times of the day, and professional services you need to be set up for total health and success. Click on any program below to learn more.


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HIIT: (High Intensity Interval Training) combines high intensity cardiovascular conditioning, plyometrics, and muscular endurance all in one high energy 30minute class. Kettlebell swing, box jump, and burpee your way to a fitter you! This class can be tailored to suit just about any fitness level – everyone is welcome.

You’ll need: Trainers, a water bottle for this class.
Drop In Welcome: $15



SPIN: Low impact but high energy, our spin classes will leave you sweaty, smiling and excited to come back. Heavy hill climbs, fast sprint intervals and everything in between, all packed in our 30-45 minute class.

You’ll need: Comfortable sneakers, sweat absorbing clothing and lots of water.
It is advised that you pre-register for this class as space is limited: $15



A strength class tailored to all levels. If being stronger and learning how to move well are what you’re looking for this class is for you! We focus on the fundamentals of benching, squatting, and deadlifting to help improve total body strength. Following this, we move into muscular hypertrophy or muscular endurance to help promote those three fundamental lifts. By taking this approach we can help break through plateaus and progress as safely as possible all while crushing your goals.



Move Faster, Become Stronger, and Discover what you’re truly capable of. This 45-60minute class consists Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Metabolic Conditioning. Expect to learn something new every class, and expect to consistently exceed your own expectations of what you think you are capable of! We encourage all fitness levels from beginner to advanced to come give this class a try!!

You’ll need: Trainers, a water bottle for this class and a Positive Attitude! 🙂



Our perfected blend of Strength and Conditioning. Row, Bike, Run, Lift, Swing, Jump, and Toss in this 30 Minute Class! Suitable for all ability levels, you can train hard with this group, and still have time for lunch!

You’ll need: Trainers, a water bottle for this class.
Drop In Welcome: $15

Give your body a little bit of TLC after a week of tough workouts. Stretch and restore those achey muscles in this 60 minute yin-inspired yoga class.

You’ll Need: Comfortable clothing for bending and stretching.
Drop In Welcome: $15

Book a private session with one of our certified personal trainers to develop a specialized program targeted to suit your personal goals. Check out our prices and packages. Sessions can be booked for 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

Full access to the gym between scheduled classes, this service is limited to annual membership holders only. A great convenience if you cannot find a class

Call or email to book an assessment with our highly skilled Registered Dietitian – Tracy Michael. Pricing and Packages are available!

Amila started her career in the fitness industry in the summer of 2013, after spending 2 years of developing her own HIIT programming she decided to bring her short, intense and easily modified workouts to the masses! Fast forward 3 years and she is now Co-owner of KineHc Fitness and teaching HIIT and Spin regularly as well as training private clients throughout the day.

It was Amila’s dream to shift the focus in the fitness industry from one that is mainly vanity driven, to a stronger focus on functional fitness and developing ability level.

“Don’t worry about how good you look when you show up for class, it’s not something we focus on here, just show up and work to your fullest ability level. Keep your mentality positive, encourage others, and let others cheer you on as you achieve your goals. We are all in this together!”

Bio coming soon.

Kinetic Fitness’s real life energizer bunny! Jamie is a ball of positive energy!

Jamie is a certified group fitness leader, indoor cycling leader and yoga instructor! She has loads of experience leading various run club groups, however you need to be supported and motivated in your fitness training – Jamie is your girl!

Brodie is a certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling instructor who started teaching classes in Toronto while living there. Since moving back to PEI he wanted to continue to teach classes and support riders with their training.

“I got hooked on spin classes when I decided to sign up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer in Toronto. A 2 day, 220km bike
ride through the back roads of Ontario from Toronto to Niagara Falls all in support of cancer research. To prepare for
the Fundraising Ride, I started attending spin classes four times a week and was quickly hooked on the workout.
Leaving the class, dripping with sweat and feeling reenergized was a contagious feeling and kept me going back.”

Come listen to some great tunes, climb some hills, do some sprints and enjoy one of Brodie’s spin classes. No biking
experience is needed to enjoy a spin class!

Be sure to bring a water bottle and towel, you are guaranteed to work up a sweat.

Drop In: $15.00
5 Pack: $60.00
10 Pack: $120
20 Pack: $220
1 Week Starter Pack: $35.00 (one week to get you rollin’)
Month Unlimited: $135.00
Teens Month Unlimited: $50.00 (exclusive to teens class)
VIP Annual Membership: $1150.00 (monthly autopay available)
Open Gym: $30/month on a 12-month term

Semi Private Personal Training
1 Month X 3 Sessions Per Week: $249.99
1 Month X 4 Sessions Per Week: $325.00
1 Month X 5 Sessions Per Week: $420.00

Personal Training
1 X 60 MINUTE Session: $50.00
1 Month X 4 Sessions: $200.00
1 Month X 8 Sessions: $340.00
1 Month X 12 Sessions: $510.00
1 Month X 20 Sessions: 850.00

Contact us for details and packages regarding nutritional consultations.

House Rules
Don’t keep people waiting; show up 5 minutes before class begins.
Respect each-other
Respect the equipment
Wear indoor footwear
Keep your shirt on
No texting or cellphones during class
Support and encourage one another
Drop your weights, don’t slam them
Train, don’t workout
Re rack your weights
Keep a positive attitude
Have some fun

No equipment is necessary for this 30 minute bodyweight HIIT workout, all you need for this class is lots of energy! Push-ups, planks, squats, and lunges; this class is great for all levels and a fantastic starting point for beginners to fine tune their movement patterns.

Bootcamp is an action packed class, insured to help you reach your fitness goals! Developed to include a group warm up, strength portion, and an awesome HIIT workout. It’s suitable for all ages and ability levels!